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About us

Guangzhou Jingye Machinery Co., Ltd. is a newly built beer keg manufacturer in year 2014, by emerging the former factory Guangzhou Heshun and upgrading the technical and main equipment, now we are one of the most professional and largest beer keg manufacturers in China which integrates designing, manufacturing and sales from all over the world.

Wecertified ISO9001:2000 international quality management system inyear 2008 and our products reach the standard of LFGB, through the inspectionby SGS and Guangzhou Bureau of quality Supervision.

We mainly manufacture stainless steel kegs, include beer keg, wine keg, corny keg ,cleaning keg and homebrew keg with DIN ,EURO or US standard and customizablehalf barrel, 312mm ultrathin keg. In the Meanwhile we cooperate with various companies to operate acomplete set of accessories attaching beer barrels , such as beer spear,beer font, beer tap,dispenser, draft beer machine, regulater, cleaning machine and cylinder etc. , providing good quality and reliable product for you. From soup to nuts, our one-stop kegging system products and package solution will help your brewing trip more convenience and fast. Just come and contact us!

Thanks to our surperior product and customer-centric work-style, our customer baseexpanded rapidly including Kirin Beer, TsingTao brew, SanMiguel Brew etc. Byfar, we have realized an annual output of 200,000 kegs, 60% of which areexported overseas, such as USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia etc.

The highquality product, excellent professional service, with very reasonable pricewill surely make us your prime choice partnership in Keg business.




当社は、2008年にISO 9001と2000国際品質管理システム認証を采用し、製品ドイツSGSの品質検出標準と広州製品部門の要求に合致します。




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